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Vickas V. Patel

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Vickas V. Patel, MD, PhD, Attending Physician, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA,USA

Awards, Honors and Membership in Honorary Societies:

1983           Bauch & Lomb Science Medal

1986           Eta Kappa Nu National Electrical Engineering Honor Society

1986           Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor Society

1987           Graduated cum laude, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, College of Engineering

1987           NIH Medical Scientist Training Program Fellowship

1987           University of Colorado School of Medicine Neuroscience Training Program Fellowship

1989           Excellent Presentation, 17th Annual Western Medical Student Research Forum

1994           Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society

1995           Graduated with Honors, University of Colorado School of Medicine

1995           John G. Ryan Award for Outstanding Performance in Internal Medicine

1997           Osler Society of Fellows in Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

1998           First Place Award, University of Pennsylvania Cardiology Fellow EKG Competition

2000           Wyeth-NAPSE Fellowship Travel Award

2004           NIH Research Career Award

2005           Barra Foundation New Research Award

2005           American Society of Clinical Investigation Young Investigator Travel Award

2005           McCabe Trust Fellowship Award

2006           American Society of Clinical Investigation Young Investigator Travel Award

2006           W.W. Smith Trust Fund Heart Research Award

2008           Penn CTT Innovation Award

2009           Penn University Research Fund Award

Memberships in Professional and Scientific Societies and Other Professional Activities:


2003-present     American College of Cardiology (Member 2003-present

Fellow 2005-present)

2003-present     American Heart Association (Member 2003-present

Fellow 2005-present)

2003-present     American Heart Association, Basic Cardiovascular Science Council (Member 2003-present)

2010-present     Heart Rhythm Society (Member 2010-present; Fellow 2011-present)

Grant Study Sections:                

2005-2007 American Heart Association – Member; Mid-Atlantic Study Section 6A

2007, 2010         Reviewer, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research - proposals for Integrated Networks of Medical Genome Research

2007-2010 Ad hoc Reviewer, Wellcome Trust Foundation

2011-2013 American Heart Association – Standing Member; National Electro-Cardio CT Study Section

Editorial Positions:

2011-                   Consulting Editor, The Journal of Clinical Investigation

Editorial Board, American Journal of Molecular Biology

2003-                   Ad hoc reviewer, Circulation

2003-                   Ad hoc reviewer, Diabetes

2005-                   Ad hoc reviewer, Journal of Dermatological Sciences

2006-                   Ad hoc reviewer, Heart Rhythm

2007-                   Ad hoc reviewer, FEBS Letters

2007-                   Ad hoc reviewer, The Journal of Clinical Investigation

2007-                   Ad hoc reviewer, FASEB Journal

2007-                   Ad hoc reviewer, Experimental Biology and Medicine

2007-                   Ad hoc reviewer, Circulation Research

2009-                   Ad hoc reviewer, Pharmacogenetic and Genomics

2009-                   Ah hoc reviewer, Circulation: Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology

2010-                   Ah hoc reviewer, JICE

Academic and Institutional Committees:

2009           Member, Search Committee. Director of the Institute for Medicine and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania.

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Release Date: 2020-11-02 Visited: