Opening Speech at the 5th Great Wall International Forum on Geriatric Cardiology
Shiwen Wang
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John B. O'Connell
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Multifactor heart failure in the elderly: a proposal for cooperative research
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Prognostic factors in patients hospitalized with acute heart failure syndrome
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Diastolic heart failure in the elderly
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Non-transplant surgical alternatives for heart failure
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Quality of life in elderly heart failure patients
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Highlights of the physical examination in heart failure
Sandesh Dev
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Thyroxine treatment for elderly patients with heart failure and sick euthyroid syndrome
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Heart failure in the elderly: a U.S. perspective
Michael W. Rich
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Cardiac resynchronization therapy in China
2006, 3(4): 248-249.
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Radiofrequency catheter ablation of atrial tachycardias related to myocardial scar or incision
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PRICE-IV symposium: Electrophysiology and heart rhythm disorders in the elderly
2006, 3(4): 254-256.
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Supplementary Abstracts of International Conference on Mitochondrial Biomedicine—Chinese MiT'2006: Mitochondria and Health
2006, 3(4)
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