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Volume 12, No 1

January 15, 2015
  • ISSN1671-5411
    CN 11-5329/R
    Editor-in-Chief: Yun-Dai CHEN
  • Journal of Geriatric Cardiology (J Geriatr Cardiol, JGC) is a quarterly, open-access (OA), international, and peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the Institute of Geriatric Cardiology (IGC), Chinese PLA General Hospital and published by Science Press.
  • free for readers.
    Rapid publication: accepted papers are immediately published online.
    2013 ISI JCR impact factor: 1.056.
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Below are the latest JGC articles published online ahead of print publication. These online versions are definitive and may be cited using the digital object identifier(DOI).
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Meaning of Open Access

What does Open Access mean? Simply that everything that we publish is freely available online throughout the world, for you to read, download, copy, distribute, and use (with attribution) any way you wish. No permission is required. Read a detailed definition. If you haven’t got time to read this, there are two things you need to know:

(1) Authors retain copyright, under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

(2) No permission is required to use – or reuse – the content.

Advantages of Open Access

High availability and high visibility

The biggest advantage of the OA model is that it provides free, full-text and peer reviewed articles to all interested readers. The high availability, high visibility and timeliness features of its contents lead to its higher citation impact. [1]

Less Costly

We know that open-access literature is not free (without cost) to produce. And OA Publishers cover their costs for editorial handling and editing of a paper by charging authors' institutes or research funding agency. The cost of handling and the production of an article is covered through the one-time payment of an Article Processing Charge (APC) for each accepted article. The APC of Open Access Publishers is only a fraction of the average income per paper that traditional, subscription-based Publishers have been earning. As to JGC, authors are asked to pay a fee of 780 USD (or 5000 RMB) for each accepted article except the invited and the ‘Letters to the Editor’.

[1].Open access citation impact advantage:

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