Letter of the Editor-in-chief
Shiwen Wang, Mathew, Thach Nguyen
2006, 3(3): 131-132.
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Peter K Law
2006, 3(3): 133-134.
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Human myoblast genome therapy
Peter K Law, Danlin M Law, Ping Lu, Eugene KW Sim, Lei Ye, Khawja H Haider, Xun Li, Margarita N Vakhromeeva, Ilia I Berishvili, Leo A Bockeria, Choong-Chin Liew
2006, 3(3): 135-151.
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Skeletal myoblast based delivery of angiogenic growth factors: a comparison between angiopoietin-1 and VEGF gene delivery for therapeutic angiogenesis in the heart
Lei Ye, Husnain Kh Haider,2 Shujia Jiang, Rusan Tan, In-Chin Song, Ruowen Ge, Peter K Law, Eugene KW Sim
2006, 3(3): 152-160.
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Muscling up damaged hearts through cell therapy
Chi Van Dang
2006, 3(3): 161-161.
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Stem cell therapy for failing hearts: there is something else beyond the cells
Gianluca Rigatelli, Francesco Zanon
2006, 3(3): 162-164.
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Myoblast transplantation for heart repair: A review of the state of the field
Howard J. Leonhardt, Michael Brown
2006, 3(3): 165-167.
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Myoblast transplantation can repair heart damage
Jonathan Dinsmore, Nabil Dib
2006, 3(3): 168-170.
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Protecting the delivery of heart failure: Regenerative Medicine/Stem Cell Therapeutics: Potential protections afforded by the Department of Health and Human Services and Health Resources Service Administration's Bureau of Special Programs
Gary S Friedman, John S. Tomicki, Philip Lowry, Jeffrey Warsh, Gary S Friedman, John S. Tomicki, Jeffrey Warsh, Neil Cohen, Robert Marshall, Philip Lowry
2006, 3(3): 171-180.
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Transplantation of mobilized peripheral blood mononuclear cells for peripheral arterial occlusive disease of the lower extremity
Xiaofeng YANG, Yanxiang WU, Hongmei WANG, Yifeng XU, Bo XU, Xin LU, Yibin ZANG, Fa WANG, Yue ZHANG
2006, 3(3): 181-183.
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Cardiac stem cell therapy research in China
Junbo GE
2006, 3(3): 184-186.
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Cardiovascular diseases and aging Highlights on World Congress of Cardiology 2006
2006, 3(3): 187-188.
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2006, 3(3): 189-191.
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