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Myeong Soo Lee

Myeong Soo Lee is a principal researcher of the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, Daejeon, South Korea. Dr. Lee received his BSc and MSc in Physics (Condensed Matter Physics) from Pusan National University, Korea in 1992. He studied at the Department of Qi-Medicine, Institute of Biotechnology, and Center for Integrative Medicine, Institute of Medical Science, Wonkwang University, Korea as a Researcher for 10 years. He received his PhD degree in 2004 from the Professional Graduate School of Oriental Medicine, Wonkwang University, Korea. He studies evidence based medicine for complementary medicine at Complementary Medicine, Peninsula Medical School for 3 years as visiting researcher.
He is a founding member of International Society of Complementary Medicine Research and currently a board member. He is also working as editorial board member in Complementary Therapies in Medicine, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Chinese Medical Journal, Journal of Ginseng Research, Complementary Therapies in Medicine, Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine, Journal of Traditional Medicine, and Chinese Medicine. He is one of Regional Editor of European Journal of Integrative Medicine and working as International Board of BMJ Fellow. He has published over 300 articles including original paper, reviews and book chapters related with above mentioned fields.
He is currently working on systematic reviews and designing clinical trials assessing the efficacy of several types of complementary therapies for various health conditions. His team in KIOM has focused on three research project including the standardization of syndrome identification for stroke in the point of view of TKM, developing diagnosis method for blood stasis in TKM, and developing clinical practice guideline in TKM.