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Omer Faruk Dogan

Omer Faruk Dogan, MD, Associated Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery, Co-Chief of Adana research and Educationa Hospital, Adana, Turkey.

Omer Faruk Dogan was born in Elbistan, Turkey, in 1970. He finished the Ankara University Medical faculty in 1994. In 1996, he has been selected as an assistant of cardiovascular surgery in Hacettepe University Medical faculty, in Ankara, Turkey. He received the Instructor of Cardiovascular Surgery and after Pediatric Heart and Vascular Surgery degree in the same university. He is an Associated Professor and the co-chief of the Adana Research and Education Hospital in Adana, Turkey now. Since 2006 he worked as the Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery Dept. in Business Hospital and Medicalpark Hospital in Turkey. During 2003-2006, he was a Research Fellow at the Hacettepe University Medical School for pediatric cardiovascular surgery. He is mainly interested in beating heart bypass procedure, coronary bypass conduits including radial artery, congenital heart surgery especially surgical approach in cyanotic heart disease, new technical approach and technical development of heart and vascular surgery, minimally invasive surgery, etc. Many surgical techniques have been developed by Dr. Dogan. Dogan technique, Demircin-Dogan Technique is some of these techniques. On the other side, Dogan Solution, is used for coronary artery bypass conduits, is developed by Dr. Dogan. Three Dimensional Anaglyph imaging technique research and educational technique in cardiovascular surgery has been developed and recently published by Dr. Dogan et al. Dr. Many of scientific papers and investigations include Dogans' techniques have been awarded in national and international congress and meeting. He has over international and national 200 research papers and presentations. Some of the publications are indicated below. He is a reviewer in international and national journals now. Some of these are chest, Int. J Cardiol, Indian Journal of Pediatric Radiology, Saudi Med J, J National Med Association, Turkish Cardiol Journal.