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Fly boyz, hybrid artists or cool guys: testing the boundaries of imagination
Thach Nguyen, Hoang Pham,James Nguyen,Bikash Agarwal.J Geriatr Cardiol 2005,2(3):191~192
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Authors:Thach Nguyen, Hoang Pham1;James Nguyen2;Bikash Agarwal3

Author Affiliation:1.St Mary Medical Center, Hobart IN;2.Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn NY;3.St Anthony Memorial Health Center, Michigan City IN


Abstract: In the early years of coronary interventions, when a single lesion was found, the question then was asked whether it was feasible and safe to dilate right away the lesion with plain old balloon angioplasty (ad hoc FOB A) or to call in a senior interventional cardiologist to do FOB A on a later date. If lesions were found in more than one coronary artery territories, then the interventional cardiologists had to pull his or her hair and asked whether it was feasible and safe to dilate right away the other lesion(s) at the same session. More than 20 years later, at this present time, with nearly perfect outcomes due to stent availability and high level of experiences from operators, the question of multiple coronary stenting in one session is neither problematic nor relevant. However, if not all lesions are taken care immediately or in near future sessions, the question would be whether the patient receives standard of care as there is no complete revascularization.


          Published Online:September 28, 2005
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