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Symposium: Cardiovascular diseases and renal insufficiency
Cardiovascular disease and renal insufficiency: special considerations with cardiac surgery
Colin Lenihan,Donal Reddan.J Geriatr Cardiol 2005,2(3):157~163
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Authors:Colin Lenihan1;Donal Reddan2

Author Affiliation:1.Nephro1ogy Department, University College Gal way Merlin Park Hospital, Galway, Ireland;2.Nephrology Department, University College Galway Merlin Park Hospital, Galway, Ireland


Abstract: Cardiovascular disease is an important cause of mortality in the chronic kidney disease (CKD) population. This review discusses cardiac surgery in the CKD population and considers postoperative acute renal failure (ARF). CKD patients have worse outcomes following coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) and cardiac valvular surgery than the general population. However, surgical revascularization is an effective treatment for coronary artery disease (CAD) in this population and may be associated with improved survival over percutaneous intervention (PCI) in advanced CKD. Cardiac surgery in the CKD population requires careful perioperative planning and management. Acute renal failure (ARF) is a serious complication following cardiac surgery, occurring in 1 to 8% of cases. Management of postoperative ARF is largely supportive and emphasis is placed on preoperative risk stratification and prevention.


chronic kidney disease (CKD), cardiovascular disease, cardiac surgery, acute renal failure (ARF)
          Published Online:September 28, 2005
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