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Volume 14,Issue 8,2017 Table of Contents

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Study Protocol

Population-based Cohort Study in Outcome of Phased Progression of Atherosclerosis in China (PERSUADE): objective, rationale and design
  Dong-Kai SHAN, Yong ZHOU, You-Xin WANG, Xiang GAO, Wei WANG, Jun-Jie YANG and Yun-Dai CHEN
  2017,14(8):491-495 [Abstract]  [View PDF(184.77 K)]


Evaluation of left atrial remodelling following percutaneous left atrial appendage closure
  Zakaria Jalal, Xavier Iriart, Marie–Lou Dinet, Olivier Corneloup, Xavier Pillois, Hubert Cochet and Jean–Beno?t Thambo
  2017,14(8):496-500 [Abstract]  [View PDF(482.72 K)]

Research Article

Effect of telehealth interventions on major cardiovascular outcomes: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
  Xiang GU, Ye ZHU, Yi ZHANG, Lei SUN, Zheng-Yu BAO, Jian-Hua SHEN, Fu-Kun CHEN, Hong-Xiao LI, Shu-Hang MIAO, Jing-Wu WANG and Qing-Qing SHI
  2017,14(8):501-508 [Abstract]  [View PDF(535.06 K)]
A risk prediction score model for predicting occurrence of post-PCI vaso-vagal reflex syndrome: a single center study in Chinese population
  Hai–Yan LI, Yu–Tao GUO, Cui TIAN, Chao–Qun SONG, Yang MU, Yang LI and Yun–Dai CHEN
  2017,14(8):509-514 [Abstract]  [View PDF(240.53 K)]
Targeting of AUF1 to vascular endothelial cells as a novel anti-aging thera-py
  Jian HE, Ya–Feng JIANG, Liu LIANG, Du–jin WANG, Wen–Xin WEI, Pan–Pan JI, Yao–Chan HUANG, Hui SONG, Xiao–Ling LU and Yong–Xiang ZHAO
  2017,14(8):515-523 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.41 M)]
Patients with ST-segment elevation of myocardial infarction miss out on early reperfusion: when to undergo delayed revascularization
  Wen ZHENG, Cheuk–Man YU, Jing LIU, Wu–Xiang XIE, Miao WANG, Yu–Jao ZHANG, Jian SUN, Shao–Ping NIE and Dong ZHAO
  2017,14(8):524-530 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.82 M)]

Letter to the Editor

Pectoral muscular twitching: a rare manifestation of spontaneous twiddler syndrome
  Serdar Bozyel, Tolga Aksu, Tumer Erdem Guler, Kaz?m Serhan Ozcan and Mujdat Aktas
  2017,14(8):531-532 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.78 M)]
Atypical presentation of a ventricular papillary fibroelastoma
  Julio Perez-Downes, Harold Dietzius, Saif Ibrahim, Vasant Jayasankar and Leslie Oberst
  2017,14(8):533-534 [Abstract]  [View PDF(529.97 K)]
A huge thrombosed aneurysm of a saphenous vein graft leading to compres-sion of cardiac structures: role of multimodality imaging
  Byung–Gyu Kim, In–Cheol Kim, Seok–Min Kang and Young–Nam Youn
  2017,14(8):535-536 [Abstract]  [View PDF(864.21 K)]
Tako-tsubo cardiomyopathy in a radical operation for carcinoma of colon patient with PCI history
  Xin GAO and Xue–Dong GAN
  2017,14(8):537-539 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.78 M)]