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Volume 14,Issue 7,2017 Table of Contents

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Coronary heart disease incidence and competing risks: an important issue
  Paolo Emilio Puddu, Peter Louis Amaduzzi and Beatrice Ricci
  2017,14(7):425-429 [Abstract]  [View PDF(83.13 K)]


Verapamil and vasospastic angina: underuse in the elderly population
  Xavier Humbert, Vincent Roule, Paul Milliez and Joachim Alexandre
  2017,14(7):430-435 [Abstract]  [View PDF(145.60 K)]
Usefulness of coronary flow reserve measured by transthoracic coronary Doppler ultrasound in the elderly
  Danijela Trifunovic, Edina Cenko, Concetta Torromeo, Beatrice Ricci, Michele Schiariti, Marija Zdravkovic, Zorana Vasiljevic and Olivia Manfrini
  2017,14(7):436-441 [Abstract]  [View PDF(144.82 K)]


Antithrombotic treatment tailoring and risk score evaluation in elderly patients diagnosed with an acute coronary syndrome
  Alexandru Nicolae Mischie, Catalina Liliana Andrei, Crina Sinescu, Gani Bajraktari, Eugen Ivan, Georgios Nikolaos Chatziathanasiou and Michele Schiariti
  2017,14(7):442-456 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.96 M)]
Update on pharmacological treatment of acute coronary syndrome without persistent ST segment elevation myocardial infarction in the elderly
  Coskun Usta and Asli Bedel
  2017,14(7):457-464 [Abstract]  [View PDF(169.54 K)]

Research Article

Determinants of invasive strategy in elderly patients with non-ST elevation myocardial infarction
  Antonin Negers, Jacques Boddaert, Lucie Mora, Jean-Louis Golmard, Laura Moisi, Ariel Cohen, Jean-Philippe Collet and Alice Breining
  2017,14(7):465-472 [Abstract]  [View PDF(152.69 K)]
Glycation of high-density lipoprotein triggers oxidative stress and promotes the proliferation and migration of vascular smooth muscle cells
  Qian DU, Ming-Ming QIAN, Pin-Li LIU, Le ZHANG, Yan WANG and Dong-Hui LIU
  2017,14(7):473-480 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.67 M)]

Letter to the Editor

Acute myocardial infarction in patients of nephrotic syndrome: a case series
  Liang XIE, Yi TANG, Jing LIU, Song-Qing HE, Jian-Hua LI, Ying ZHU, Zheng-Bing LIU, Zhen CHENG and Jian-Bin GONG
  2017,14(7):481-484 [Abstract]  [View PDF(71.23 K)]
Clinical features of aortic dissection associated with Takayasu’s arteritis
  Xue-Ping WU and Ping ZHU
  2017,14(7):485-487 [Abstract]  [View PDF(283.74 K)]
Two case of preoperative bridging therapy for patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery after coronary stent implantation
  Le-Qun ZHOU, Shao-Min CHEN, Yong-Zhen ZHANG, Li-Yun HE and Wei GAO
  2017,14(7):488-490 [Abstract]  [View PDF(710.55 K)]