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Volume 14,Issue 1,2017 Table of Contents

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Special Article

China cardiovascular diseases report 2015: a summary
  Wei-Wei CHEN,Run-Lin GAO,Li-Sheng LIU,Man-Lu ZHU,Wen WANG,Yong-Jun WANG,Zhao-Su WU,Hui-Jun LI,Dong-Feng GU,Yue-Jin YANG,Zhe ZHENG,Li-Xin JIANG and Sheng-Shou HU
  2017,14(1):1-10 [Abstract]  [View PDF(510.32 K)]

Symposium: Pulmonary hypertension in the elderly

Epidemiology of pulmonary hypertension in the elderly
  Cihan Orem
  2017,14(1):11-16 [Abstract]  [View PDF(144.41 K)]
How to select the appropriate candidate of pulmonary arterial hypertension: specific therapy in elderly patients with pulmonary hypertension
  Yalin Tolga Yaylali
  2017,14(1):17-19 [Abstract]  [View PDF(113.88 K)]
Clinical and hemodynamic profiles of elderly patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension: a single center, prospective study
  Ebru Ozpelit,Bahri Akdeniz,Dilek Sezgin,Can Sevinc,Kemal Can Tertemiz,Mehmet Emre Ozpelit,Mustafa Baris and Nezihi Baris1
  2017,14(1):20-27 [Abstract]  [View PDF(195.30 K)]
Which prognostic factors should be used in pulmonary arterial hypertension in elderly patients?
  Bahri Akdeniz
  2017,14(1):28-34 [Abstract]  [View PDF(232.64 K)]

Research Article

Nine-year clinical outcomes of drug-eluting stents vs. bare metal stents for large coronary vessel lesions
  Dong YIN,Jia LI,Yue-Jin YANG,Yang WANG,Yan-Yan ZHAO,Shi-Jie YOU,Shu-Bin QIAO,Bo XU and Ke-Fei DOU
  2017,14(1):35-41 [Abstract]  [View PDF(409.74 K)]
Conditions for autonomous choice: a qualitative study of older adults' experience of decision-making in TAVR
  Elisabeth Skaar,Anette Hylen Ranhoff,Jan Erik Nordrehaug,Daniel E Forman and Margrethe Aase Schaufel
  2017,14(1):42-48 [Abstract]  [View PDF(239.11 K)]
Admission white blood cell count predicts short-term clinical outcomes in patients with uncomplicated Stanford type B acute aortic dissection
  Zhao-Ran CHEN,Bi HUANG,Hai-Song LU,Zhen-Hua ZHAO,Ru-Tai HUI,Yan-Min YANG and Xiao-Han FAN
  2017,14(1):49-56 [Abstract]  [View PDF(392.87 K)]
Liraglutide directly protects cardiomyocytes against reperfusion injury possibly via modulation of intracellular calcium homeostasis
  Shun-Ying HU,Ying ZHANG,Ping-Jun ZHU,Hao ZHOU and Yun-Dai CHEN
  2017,14(1):57-66 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.52 M)]


New generations of dihydropyridines for treatment of hypertension
  Angela L Wang,Costantino Iadecola and Gang Wang
  2017,14(1):67-72 [Abstract]  [View PDF(176.29 K)]

Letter to the Editor

ECG stress test induced atrial ischemia in a patient with old inferior myocar-dial infarction due to a distal coronary artery lesion
  Andras Vereckei,Gabor Katona,Zsuzsanna Szelenyi,Edit Takacs,Pal Maurovich-Horvat and David Becker
  2017,14(1):73-77 [Abstract]  [View PDF(10.41 M)]
Left ventricular pseudoaneurysm
  Hee Hwa Ho,Dasdo Antonius Sinaga,Evelyn Lee,Timothy James Watson and Jimmy Kim Fatt Hon
  2017,14(1):78-80 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.52 M)]