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Volume 13,Issue 8,2016 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Cardiovascular Care for Older Adults

Electrophysiology and heart rhythm disorders in older adults
  Parag Goyal and Michael W Rich
  2016,13(8):645-651 [Abstract]  [View PDF(154.56 K)]

Research Article

Left atrial area index predicts adverse cardiovascular events in patients with unstable angina pectoris
  Yi-Fan LI,Wei-Hong LI,Zhao-Ping LI,Xin-Heng FENG,Wei-Xian XU,Shao-Min CHEN and Wei GAO
  2016,13(8):652-657 [Abstract]  [View PDF(169.96 K)]
Total ischemic time and outcomes for patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction: does time of admission make a difference?
  Jun-Xian SONG,Li ZHU,Chong-You LEE,Hui REN,Cheng-Fu CAO and Hong CHEN
  2016,13(8):658-664 [Abstract]  [View PDF(152.09 K)]
Clinical characteristics and one year outcomes in Chinese atrial fibrillation patients with stable coronary artery disease: a population-based study
  Ying BAI,Jun ZHU,Yan-Min YANG,Yan LIANG,Hui-Qiong TAN,Juan WANG,Bi HUANG,Han ZHANG and Xing-Hui SHAO
  2016,13(8):665-671 [Abstract]  [View PDF(406.02 K)]
Uncontrolled hypertension in older patients: markers and associated factors to masked and white-coat effect
  Nereida KC Lima,Julio C Moriguti and Eduardo Ferriolli
  2016,13(8):672-678 [Abstract]  [View PDF(202.87 K)]
Predictors and in-hospital outcomes of preoperative acute kidney injury in patients with type A acute aortic dissection
  Xiao WANG,Hong-Mei REN,Chun-Yan HU,Bin QUE,Hui AI,Chun-Mei WANG,Li-Zhong SUN and Shao-Ping NIE
  2016,13(8):679-684 [Abstract]  [View PDF(195.44 K)]
Relationship of lipid and lipoprotein ratios with coronary severity in patients with new on-set coronary artery disease complicated with type 2 diabetics
  Ying DU,Juan CHEN,Man-Hua CHEN,Sheng-Hua YANG,Sha LI,Yuan-Lin GUO,Cheng-Gang ZHU,Rui-Xia XU,Qian DONG and Jian-Jun LI
  2016,13(8):685-692 [Abstract]  [View PDF(588.36 K)]
Cancer risk in older people receiving statin therapy: a meta-analysis of ran-domized controlled trials
  Hong-Wei LIU,Su-Yan BIAN,Qi-Wei ZHU and Yue-Xiang ZHAO
  2016,13(8):693-700 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.61 M)]
Decreased expression of Klotho in cardiac atria biopsy samples from patients at higher risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
  Giovanni Corsetti,Evasio Pasini,Tiziano M Scarabelli,Claudia Romano,Pratik R Agrawal,Carol Chen-Scarabelli,Richard Knight,Louis Saravolatz,Jagat Narula,Mario Ferrari-Vivaldi,Vincenzo Flati,Deodato Assanelli and Francesco S Dioguardi
  2016,13(8):701-711 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.51 M)]
Pentraxin 3 (PTX3) promoter methylation associated with PTX3 plasma levels and neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio in coronary artery disease
  Tang-Meng GUO,Li-Li HUANG,Kai LIU,Li KE,Zhi-Jian LUO,Yun-Qiao LI,Xing-Lin CHEN and Bei CHENG
  2016,13(8):712-717 [Abstract]  [View PDF(214.86 K)]


Efficacy and safety of novel anticoagulants in the elderly
  Nikolaos Karamichalakis,Stamatis Georgopoulos,Konstantinos Vlachos,Ioannis Liatakis,Michael Efremidis,Antonios Sideris and Konstantinos P Letsas
  2016,13(8):718-723 [Abstract]  [View PDF(178.39 K)]


Double-edged blinde, hemorrhagic or cardioembolic cognitive impairment
  Levent Cerit,Hatice Kemal,Aziz Günsel and Hamza Duygu
  2016,13(8):724-726 [Abstract]  [View PDF(194.16 K)]