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Volume 13,Issue 5,2016 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Cardiovascular Care for Older Adults

Cardiovascular care for older adults: hypertension and stroke in the older adult
  Andrew P Miller,Ann M Navar,Gary S Roubin and Suzanne Oparil
  2016,13(5):373-379 [Abstract]  [View PDF(146.21 K)]
Syncope in older adults
  Parag Goyal and Mathew S Maurer
  2016,13(5):380-386 [Abstract]  [View PDF(176.05 K)]


Nursing care in old patients with heart failure: current status and future perspectives
  Hong-Ying PI and Xin HU
  2016,13(5):387-390 [Abstract]  [View PDF(344.54 K)]

Symposium: Heart failure management for the elderly

Effective management for older people with heart failure: from acute to palliative care paradigms
  Doris SF Yu
  2016,13(5):391-392 [Abstract]  [View PDF(61.57 K)]
Self-management of coronary heart disease in older patients after elective percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty
  Susan Dawkes,Graeme D Smith,Lawrie Elliott,Robert Raeside and Jayne H Donaldson
  2016,13(5):393-400 [Abstract]  [View PDF(143.95 K)]
Type D personality negatively associated with self-care in Chinese heart failure patients
  Xi CAO,Xiu-Hua WANG,Eliza ML Wong,Choi Kai Chowr and Sek Ying Chai
  2016,13(5):401-407 [Abstract]  [View PDF(243.93 K)]
Symptom clusters and quality of life among patients with advanced heart failure
  Doris SF Yu,Helen YL Chan,Doris YP Leung,Elsie Hui and Janet WH Sit
  2016,13(5):408-414 [Abstract]  [View PDF(264.22 K)]
Effects of a nurse-led heart failure clinic on hospital readmission and mortality in Hong Kong
  Ho Yu Cheng,Sek Ying Chair,Qun Wang,Janet WH Sit,Eliza ML Wong and Siu Wai Tang
  2016,13(5):415-419 [Abstract]  [View PDF(134.02 K)]
Quality of life and palliative care needs of elderly patients with advanced heart failure
  Helen YL Chan,Doris SF Yu,Doris YP Leung,Aileen WK Chan and Elsie Hui
  2016,13(5):420-424 [Abstract]  [View PDF(133.62 K)]
Evolvement of left ventricular assist device: the implications on heart failure management
  Sek Ying Chair,Doris SF Yu,Michael Timothy Ng,Qun Wang,Ho Yu Cheng,Eliza ML Wong and Janet WH Sit
  2016,13(5):425-430 [Abstract]  [View PDF(148.04 K)]
Self-care among older Chinese people with chronic heart failure: the roles of cognitive and psychosocial characteristics
  Doris SF Yu and Polly WC Li
  2016,13(5):431-434 [Abstract]  [View PDF(76.66 K)]
Information needs of older people with heart failure: listening to their own voice
  Ming-Ming YU,Sek Ying Chair,Carmen WH Chan and Kai Chow Choi
  2016,13(5):435-438 [Abstract]  [View PDF(95.12 K)]

Research Article

Improvements in quality of life in septuagenarians versus octogenarians undergoing trans-catheter aortic valve replacement
  Nuray Kahraman Ay,Yasin Ay,Osman Sonmez,Mehmet Akif Vatankulu and Omer Goktekin
  2016,13(5):439-443 [Abstract]  [View PDF(132.84 K)]
Predictors of new-onset atrial fibrillation in elderly patients with coronary artery disease after coronary artery bypass graft
  Rubanenko O Anatol′evna,Fatenkov O Veniaminovich and Khokhlunov S Mikhaylovich
  2016,13(5):444-449 [Abstract]  [View PDF(234.23 K)]
Submaximal oxygen uptake kinetics, functional mobility, and physical activity in older adults with heart failure and reduced ejection fraction
  Scott L Hummel,John Herald,Craig Alpert,Kimberlee A Gretebeck,Wendy S Champoux,Donald R Dengel,Peter V Vaitkevicius and Neil B Alexander
  2016,13(5):450-457 [Abstract]  [View PDF(162.22 K)]
Establishing a predictive model for aspirin resistance in elderly Chinese patients with chronic cardiovascular disease
  Jian CAO,Wei-Jun HAO,Ling-Gen GAO,Tian-Meng CHEN,Lin LIU,Yu-Fa SUN,Guo-Liang HU,Yi-Xin HU and Li FAN
  2016,13(5):458-464 [Abstract]  [View PDF(185.97 K)]
Associations of big endothelin-1 and C-reactive protein in atrial fibrillation
  Li-Hui ZHENG,Wei SUN,Yan YAO,Bing-Bo HOU,Yu QIAO and Shu ZHANG
  2016,13(5):465-470 [Abstract]  [View PDF(305.54 K)]


Platelet reactivity in patients with atrial fibrillation
  Namik Ozmen,Omer Yiginer,Fatih Ozcelik and Gokhan Degirmencioglu
  2016,13(5):471-472 [Abstract]  [View PDF(56.35 K)]