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Volume 13,Issue 2,2016 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Cardiovascular Care for Older Adults

Acute coronary syndrome in the older adults
  Xuming DAI,Jan Busby-Whitehead and Karen P Alexander
  2016,13(2):101-108 [Abstract]  [View PDF(160.63 K)]
Stable ischemic heart disease in the older adults
  Xuming DAI,Jan Busby-Whitehead,Daniel E Forman and Karen P Alexander
  2016,13(2):109-114 [Abstract]  [View PDF(132.99 K)]


Heart failure in the elderly
  Pablo Díez-Villanueva and Fernando Alfonso
  2016,13(2):115-117 [Abstract]  [View PDF(71.15 K)]


The role of electrocardiography in the elaboration of a new paradigm in cardiac resynchronization therapy for patients with nonspecific intraventricular conduction disturbance
  András Vereckei,Gábor Katona,Zsuzsanna Szelényi,Gábor Szénási,Bálint Kozman and István Karádi
  2016,13(2):118-125 [Abstract]  [View PDF(927.18 K)]

Research Article

Influence of age in estimating maximal oxygen uptake
  Christina G de Souza e Silva,Barry A Franklin,Daniel E Forman and Claudio Gil S Araújo
  2016,13(2):126-131 [Abstract]  [View PDF(401.95 K)]
Short-term effects of air pollution on acute myocardial infarctions in Shanghai, China, 2013–2014
  Xiao-Dong WANG,Xu-Min ZHANG,Shao-Wei ZHUANG,Yu LUO,Sheng KANG and Ya-Ling LIU
  2016,13(2):132-137 [Abstract]  [View PDF(195.61 K)]
Association of single nucleotide polymorphism rs2076185 in chromosome 6P24.1 with premature coronary artery diseases in Chinese Han population
  Xin LIU,Min ZHANG,Hong-Wei SHAN,Xian-Tao SONG and Shu-Zheng LYU
  2016,13(2):138-144 [Abstract]  [View PDF(208.03 K)]
Effect of coronary artery revascularization on in-hospital outcomes and long-term prognoses in acute myocardial infarction patients with prior is-chemic stroke
  Bo-Yu LI,Xiao-Ming LI,Yan ZHANG,Zhan-Yun WEI,Jing LI and Qi HUA
  2016,13(2):145-151 [Abstract]  [View PDF(225.50 K)]
Long-term outcomes of high-risk elderly male patients with multivessel coronary disease: optimal medical therapy versus revascularization
  Tao TAO,Hao WANG,Shu-Xia WANG,Yu-Tao GUO,Ping ZHU and Yu-Tang WANG
  2016,13(2):152-157 [Abstract]  [View PDF(265.35 K)]
Coronary atherosclerosis burden is not advanced in patients with β-thalassemia despite premature extracardiac atherosclerosis: a coronary ar-tery calcium score and carotid intima-media thickness study
  George Hahalis,Evangelia Zacharioglou,Ioanna Xanthopoulou,Ioanna Koniari,Chistina Kalogeropoulou,Irene Tsota,Aspasia Rigopoulou,Athanasios Diamantopoulos,Vasilios Gkizas,Periklis Davlouros,Karolina Akinosoglou,Marianna Leopoulou,Charalampos Gogos and Dimitrios Alexopoulos
  2016,13(2):158-162 [Abstract]  [View PDF(252.99 K)]
Reversal of pulmonary vein remodeling after catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation
  Jia-Hui WU,Hung-Kei LI,Daniel M Couri,Philip A Araoz,Ying-Hsiang Lee,Chang-Sheng MA,Douglas L Packer and Yong-Mei CHA
  2016,13(2):163-168 [Abstract]  [View PDF(282.69 K)]
Intravascular ultrasound-based analysis of factors affecting minimum lumen area in coronary artery intermediate lesions
  Jian LIU,Ying ZHANG,Wei-Min WANG,Zhao WANG,Qi LI,Chuan-Fen LIU,Yu-Liang MA,Ming-Yu LU and Hong ZHAO
  2016,13(2):169-174 [Abstract]  [View PDF(202.12 K)]


Thiazide–associated hyponatremia in the elderly: what the clinician needs to know
  George Liamis,Theodosios D Filippatos and Moses S Elisaf
  2016,13(2):175-182 [Abstract]  [View PDF(240.28 K)]
Androgen actions on endothelium functions and cardiovascular diseases
  Jing-Jing CAI,Juan WEN,Wei-Hong JIANG,Jian LIN,Yuan HONG and Yuan-Shan ZHU
  2016,13(2):183-196 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.48 M)]


Confounders of uric acid level for assessing cardiovascular outcomes
  Mehmet Dogan,Omer Uz,Mustafa Aparci and Murat Atalay
  2016,13(2):197-198 [Abstract]  [View PDF(109.63 K)]