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Volume 12,Issue 4,2015 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Cardiovascular Care for Older Adults

Medical decision making for older adults: an international perspective comparing the United States and India
  Ankur Kalra,Daniel E Forman and Sarah J Goodlin
  2015,12(4):329-334 [Abstract]  [View PDF(239.46 K)]
Foundations of medical decision-making for older adults with cardiovascu-lar disease
  Hannah I Lipman,Ankur Kalra and James N Kirkpatrick
  2015,12(4):335-339 [Abstract]  [View PDF(230.16 K)]

Research Article

Transcatheter aortic valve implantation in very elderly patients: immediate results and medium term follow-up
  Isaac Pascual,Antonio J Munoz-Garcia,Diego Lopez-Otero,Pablo Avanzas,Manuel F Jimenez-Navarro,Belen Cid-Alvarez,Raquel del Valle,Juan H Alonso-Briales,Raimundo Ocaranza-Sanchez,Jose M Hernandez,Ramiro Trillo-Nouche and Cesar Moris
  2015,12(4):340-345 [Abstract]  [View PDF(292.91 K)]
Mitral peak early diastolic filling velocity to deceleration time ratio as a predictor of prognosis in patients with chronic heart failure and preserved or reduced ejection fraction
  Flora Pirozzi,Antonella Paglia,Laura Sasso,Pasquale Abete,Angelo Carlomagno,Carlo G Tocchetti,Domenico Bonaduce and Mario Petretta
  2015,12(4):346-352 [Abstract]  [View PDF(322.06 K)]
Protective effect of heme oxygenase-1 on Wistar rats with heart failure through the inhibition of inflammation and amelioration of intestinal microcirculation
  Li ZHANG,Zhuo-Kun GAN,Li-Na HAN,Hao WANG,Jie BAI,Guo-Juan TAN,Xiao-Xia LI,Ya-Ping XU,Yu ZHOU,Mei-Liang GONG,Mo-Si LIN and Xiao-Yang HAN
  2015,12(4):353-365 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.91 M)]
Sarcopenia is associated with Framingham risk score in the Korean popula-tion: Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) 2010–2011
  Chae-Hwa Byeon,Kee-Young Kang,Se-Hun Kang and Eun-Jin Bae
  2015,12(4):366-372 [Abstract]  [View PDF(272.92 K)]
Usefulness of the epicardial fat tissue thickness as a diagnostic criterion for geriatric patients with metabolic syndrome
  Berna Kaya,Bedri Caner Kaya,Emel Yigit Karakas,Sadettin Selcuk Baysal,Dursun Cadirci,Emre Erkus,Ibrahim Halil Altiparmak,Emin Savik,Hatice Sezen and Turgay Ulas
  2015,12(4):373-377 [Abstract]  [View PDF(618.20 K)]
Clopidogrel resistance response in patients with coronary artery disease and metabolic syndrome: the role of hyperglycemia and obesity
  Zhao-Ke WU,Jing-Jing WANG,Ting WANG,Shen-Shen ZHU,Xi-Ling CHEN,Chao LIU and Wei-Guo ZHANG
  2015,12(4):378-382 [Abstract]  [View PDF(288.11 K)]
Dual antiplatelet therapy increases pocket hematoma complications in Chinese patients with pacemaker implantation
  Yan DAI,Ke-Ping CHEN,Wei HUA,Jing-Tao ZHANG and Shu ZHANG
  2015,12(4):383-387 [Abstract]  [View PDF(287.06 K)]
Cilostazol inhibits plasmacytoid dendritic cell activation and antigen presentation
  Fei SUN,Zhao YIN,Hai-Sheng YU,Quan-Xing SHI,Bei ZHAO,Li-Guo ZHANG and Shou-Li WANG
  2015,12(4):388-393 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.23 M)]
Characterization of a Chinese KCNQ1 mutation (R259H) that shortens repolarization and causes short QT syndrome 2
  Zhi-Juan WU,Yun HUANG,Yi-Cheng FU,Xiao-Jing ZHAO,Chao ZHU,Yu ZHANG,Bin XU,Qing-Lei ZHU and Yang LI
  2015,12(4):394-401 [Abstract]  [View PDF(10.00 M)]
Is the ratio of apoB/apoA-1 the best predictor for the severity of coronary artery lesions in Chinese diabetics with stable angina pectoris? An assessment based on Gensini scores
  Li-Feng HONG,Xiao-Ni YAN,Ying FAN,Qiong Wu,Song-Hui LUO,Bo YANG and Jian-Jun LI
  2015,12(4):402-409 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.40 M)]
Liraglutide reduces oxidized LDL-induced oxidative stress and fatty dege-neration in Raw 264.7 cells involving the AMPK/SREBP1 pathway
  Yan-Gui WANG and Tian-Lun YANG
  2015,12(4):410-416 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.77 M)]
Beneficial clinical effects of grape seed proanthocyanidin extract on the progression of carotid atherosclerotic plaques
  Ai-Hong CAO,Jian WANG,Hai-Qing GAO,Ping ZHANG and Jie QIU
  2015,12(4):417-423 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.83 M)]
Sleep-disordered breathing is associated with depletion of circulating endothelial progenitor cells and elevation in pulmonary arterial pressure in patients with decompensated systolic heart failure
  Han ZHANG,Liu FENG,Qi-Lin WAN,Yan HONG and Yan-Ming LI
  2015,12(4):424-430 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.46 M)]


Statins for primary cardiovascular prevention in the elderly
  Juan Pedro-Botet,Elisenda Climent,Juan J Chillarón,Rocio Toro,David Benaiges and Juana A Flores-Le Roux
  2015,12(4):431-438 [Abstract]  [View PDF(270.25 K)]
Significant roles of anti-aging protein klotho and fibroblast growth fac-tor23 in cardiovascular disease
  Hong-Ying DING and Hou-Xun MA
  2015,12(4):439-447 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.19 M)]
The history, hotspots, and trends of electrocardiogram
  Xiang-Lin YANG,Guo-Zhen LIU,Yun-Hai TONG,Hong YAN,Zhi XU,Qi CHEN,Xiang LIU,Hong-Hao ZHANG,Hong-Bo WANG and Shao-Hua TAN
  2015,12(4):448-456 [Abstract]  [View PDF(442.09 K)]


Red blood cell distribution width is worthwhile when interpreted with other inflammatory markers
  Mehmet Dogan,Ugur Kucuk and Omer Uz
  2015,12(4):457-458 [Abstract]  [View PDF(196.22 K)]