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Volume 11,Issue 2,2014 Table of Contents

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Research Article

Impact of statin usage patterns on outcomes after percutaneous coronary in-tervention in acute myocardial infarction: Korea Working Group on Myocar-dial Infarction registry (KorMI) study
  Chan-Hee Lee,Sang-Hee Lee,Jong-Seon Park,Young-Jo Kim,Kee-Sik Kim,Shung-Chull Chae,Hyo-Soo Kim,Dong-Ju Choi,Myeong-Chan Cho,Seung-Woon Rha and Myung-Ho Jeong
  2014,11(2):93-99 [Abstract]  [View PDF(255.63 K)]
Cardiovascular effects of hemoglobin response in patients receiving epoetin alfa and oral iron in heart failure with a preserved ejection fraction
  Sirish Vullaganti,Jeff Goldsmith,Sergio Teruya,Julissa Alvarez,Stephen Helmke and Mathew S. Maurer
  2014,11(2):100-105 [Abstract]  [View PDF(240.48 K)]
Effect of age and plaque morphology on diagnostic accuracy of dual source multidetector computed tomography coronary angiography
  Hamza Sunman,Kudret Aytemir,Hikmet Yorgun,U?ur Canpolat,Ali Taher,Edis Demiri,Tuncay Haz?rolan,Levent ?ahiner,Ergün B. Kaya,Giray Kabakci,Lale Tokgozoglu and Ali Oto
  2014,11(2):106-112 [Abstract]  [View PDF(317.61 K)]
Prognostic value of coronary artery calcium score in patients with stable an-gina pectoris after percutaneous coronary intervention
  Fang-Fang WANG,Jiang-Li HAN,Rong HE,Xiang-Zhu ZENG,Fu-Chun ZHANG,Li-Jun GUO and Wei GAO
  2014,11(2):113-119 [Abstract]  [View PDF(298.66 K)]
Long-term results of single-procedure catheter ablation for atrial fibrillationin pre- and post-menopausal women
  Tao LIN,Xing DU,Rong BAI,Ying-Wei CHEN,Rong-Hui YU,De-Yong LONG,Ri-Bo TANG,Cai-Hua SANG,Song-Nan LI,Chang-Sheng MA and Jian-Zeng DONG
  2014,11(2):120-125 [Abstract]  [View PDF(250.01 K)]
Prolonged high-pressure balloon angioplasty of femoropopliteal lesions: impact on stent implantation rate and mid-term outcome
  Gianluca Rigatelli,Mariano Palena,Paolo Cardaioli,Fabio dell’Avvocata,Massimo Giordan,Dobrin Vassilev and Marco Manzi
  2014,11(2):126-130 [Abstract]  [View PDF(188.19 K)]
Safety and tolerability of intradermal influenza vaccination in patients with cardiovascular disease
  Arintaya Phrommintikul,Wanwarang Wongcharoen,Srun Kuanprasert,Narawudt Prasertwitayakij,Rungsrit Kanjanavanit,Siriluck Gunaparn and Apichard Sukonthasarn
  2014,11(2):131-135 [Abstract]  [View PDF(177.13 K)]
Prognostic value of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T in patients with en-domyocardial-biopsy proven cardiac amyloidosis
  Geng QIAN,Chen WU,Yang ZHANG,Yun-Dai CHEN,Wei DONG and Yi-Hong REN
  2014,11(2):136-140 [Abstract]  [View PDF(303.51 K)]
Association of glutathione peroxidase-1 (GPx-1) rs1050450 Pro198Leu and Pro197Leu polymorphisms with cardiovascular risk: a meta-analysis of ob-servational studies
  Jun-Xia ZHANG,Zhi-Mei WANG,Jun-Jie ZHANG,Lin-Lin ZHU,Xiao-Fei GAO and Shao-Liang CHEN
  2014,11(2):141-150 [Abstract]  [View PDF(758.20 K)]
Phosphodiesterase-3 inhibitor (cilostazol) attenuates oxidative stress-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in the heart
  Siriporn C. Chattipakorn,Savitree Thummasorn,Jantira Sanit and Nipon Chattipakorn1
  2014,11(2):151-157 [Abstract]  [View PDF(313.62 K)]
Establishment of a chronic left ventricular aneurysm model in rabbit
  Cang-Song XIAO,Chang-Qing GAO,Li-Bing LI,Yao WANG,Tao ZhAO,Wei-Hua YE,Chong-Lei REN,Zhi-Yong LIU and Yang WU
  2014,11(2):158-162 [Abstract]  [View PDF(327.46 K)]


Advanced age and the clinical outcomes of transcatheter aortic valve implan-tation
  Osama Alsara,Ahmad Alsarah and Heather Laird-Fick
  2014,11(2):163-170 [Abstract]  [View PDF(290.23 K)]

Case Report

Takotsubo triggered by acute myocardial infarction: a common but overlooked syndrome?
  Bjorn Redfors,Truls Ramunddal,Yangzhen Shao and Elmir Omerovic1
  2014,11(2):171-173 [Abstract]  [View PDF(216.75 K)]

Images in Clinical Cardiology

Platypnea orthodeoxia pathophysiology on screen
  Gianluca Rigatelli,Paolo Cardaioli and Mauro Chinaglia
  2014,11(2):174 [Abstract]  [View PDF(82.83 K)]


Association between serum homocysteine and arterial stiffness: role of anti-hypertensive drugs
  Ercan Varol
  2014,11(2):175-176 [Abstract]  [View PDF(55.29 K)]