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Volume 7,Issue 3,2010 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Clinical Research

The distribution of 10-year cardiovascular risk in Chinese adults: analysis of the China Health Examination Database (CHED) 2008
  Liu-Xin Wu,Qiang Zen and Dong-Chang Qiang
  2010,7(3):131-137 [Abstract]  [View PDF(187.09 K)]
Androgen deficiency in elderly men with systolic chronic heart failure
  Xiao-Fei Wang,Jun-Hua Wang and Jiang-Yuan Li
  2010,7(3):138-142 [Abstract]  [View PDF(109.61 K)]
Red blood cell level is increased in obese but not in non-obese patients with coronary heart disease
  Yong Zhang,Ai-Qun Ma,Min Gong,Qun Lu,Min Lu and Gang Tian
  2010,7(3):143-146 [Abstract]  [View PDF(72.17 K)]
Reactive protein, plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1 (PAI-1) levels, PAI-1 promoter 4G/5G polymorphism and acute myocardial infarction
  Xue-Lei Cao,Chang-Yong Zhou,Lei Yin,Shao-Chun Wang,Xiu-Ling Jia,Huan Huang and Xiao-Hong Sun
  2010,7(3):147-151 [Abstract]  [View PDF(111.90 K)]

Laboratory Research

Effects of angiotensinogen gene polymorphisms on the risk of coronary heart disease in the Chinese population: a meta-analysis
  Yan Pan and Yu-Jing Wang
  2010,7(3):152-156 [Abstract]  [View PDF(174.96 K)]

Clinical Research

Brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity is an independent predictor of carotid artery atherosclerosis in the elderly
  Jia-Yue Li and Yu-Sheng Zhao
  2010,7(3):157-160 [Abstract]  [View PDF(73.86 K)]