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Volume 4,Issue 4,2007 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Clinical Research

Need for surveillance of concomitant peripheral artery disease in patients with coronary disease: results of the AGATHA survey in Malaysia
  Kui Hian Sim, Choon Kiat Ang, Houng Bang Liew,Kok Han Chee, Kim Heung Tan and Inderjit Singh, Omar Ismail
  2007,4(4):195-199 [Abstract]  [View PDF(39.98 K)]
Peripheral arterial disease: leading us back to the heart
  John P. Reilly
  2007,4(4):200-201 [Abstract]  [View PDF(17.55 K)]
Influence of psychosocial factors on treatment of elderly Chinese patients with hypertension
  Guolong Yu, Tianlun Yang, Xiumei Xie, Jin He, Biefei Li, Ke Xia,Cesar V. Borlongan and Christine E. Stahl
  2007,4(4):202-207 [Abstract]  [View PDF(46.42 K)]
Hypertension and psychosocial factors: which came first, the egg or the chicken?
  Giorgio Rigatelli and Gianluca Rigatelli
  2007,4(4):208 [Abstract]  [View PDF(11.31 K)]
Clinical correlation between myeloperoxidase and acute coronary syndrome
  Jie Wang, Yanwei Xing,Changsheng Ma, Shihong Li, Zhizhong Li,Yonghong Gao and Yibing Nong
  2007,4(4):209-212 [Abstract]  [View PDF(33.04 K)]
Myeloperoxidase – a link between inflammation and cardiovascular disease
  Matthew J. Sorrentino
  2007,4(4):213-214 [Abstract]  [View PDF(16.64 K)]
Effects of simvastatin on lipid levels and platelet activation in elderly patients with hypercholesterolemia
  Zhe Chen, Yuanping Hou, Miaobin Liu
  2007,4(4):215-217 [Abstract]  [View PDF(25.02 K)]
Statins, platelets, and the elderly
  Andrew M. Kates
  2007,4(4):218-219 [Abstract]  [View PDF(22.42 K)]
Usefulness of myocardial performance index for assessing right ventricular function after percutaneous closure of atrial septal defect
  Jingdong Ding, Genshan Ma, Yaoyao Huang, Xiaoli Zhang, Jian Zhu and Rong Yang, Fengxiang Lu
  2007,4(4):220-224 [Abstract]  [View PDF(50.12 K)]
Prediction of acute stroke progression by the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale
  Vinh Phuong, Tran Van Huy
  2007,4(4):225-228 [Abstract]  [View PDF(32.37 K)]
Association of urotensin Ⅱ with angiographic severity of coronary artery disease
  Lifang Zhang, Yuannan Ke, Yong Wang, Xianlun Li, Li Chen
  2007,4(4):229-232 [Abstract]  [View PDF(32.00 K)]
Peripheral blood stem cells transplantation in patients with heart failure after myocardial infarction:their efficiency and safety
  Xiang Gu, Houtian Xu, Minghui Li
  2007,4(4):233-237 [Abstract]  [View PDF(37.66 K)]

Laboratory Research

Cardiac atrioventricular conduction improved by autologous transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells in canine atrioventricular block models
  Xiaoqing Ren, Jielin Pu, Shu Zhang, Liang Meng, Fangzheng Wang
  2007,4(4):238-243 [Abstract]  [View PDF(76.55 K)]

Case Report

Comprehensive assessment of a post-coronary bypass graft patient with cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging and multi-detector computed tomography
  Pairoj Rerkpattanapipat, Patcharee Paijitprapaporn, Nithi Mahanonda,Pairoj Rerkpattanapipat and Suthipong Jongjirasiri, Jiraporn Laothamatas
  2007,4(4):244-247 [Abstract]  [View PDF(57.44 K)]

Editorial Comment

Coronary arterial bypass graft patency evaluated by multi-detector computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging
  Li Yang
  2007,4(4):248-249 [Abstract]  [View PDF(14.82 K)]


Thrombolysis in elderly patients
  Santiago Herrero, Jose Antonio Lapuerta-Irigoyen
  2007,4(4):250-253 [Abstract]  [View PDF(32.33 K)]
Patent foramen ovale in the elderly: what to do?
  Gianluca Rigatelli, Fabio Dell’Avvocata
  2007,4(4):254-256 [Abstract]  [View PDF(37.05 K)]