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Volume 1,Issue 2,2004 Table of Contents

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Cardiology without borders
  2004,1(2):69 [Abstract]  [View PDF(608.74 K)]

Editorial Comment

Recognition of an additional mechanism leading to myocardial abnormalities
  Yongming YU
  2004,1(2):71-72 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.35 M)]
Metabolic syndrome
  Charles Shaeffer
  2004,1(2):72-74 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.02 M)]
Stem cells for the heart
  Suzanne Kadereit
  2004,1(2):74-76 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.04 M)]


Instructions for Authors
  2004,1(2):66-68 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.83 M)]
Journal of Geriatric Cardiology comes to press with a new look
  2004,1(2):69-70 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.26 M)]
The plasticity of adult stem cells and their application in myocardial regenerative medicine
  Feng CAO, Guoliang JIA, Lili NIU, Yunfang WANG, Xuetao PEI,Feng CAO, Guoliang JIA and Lili NIU
  2004,1(2):77-82 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.46 M)]
Role of hepatitis C virus in myocarditis and cardiomyopathies
  Akira Matsumori
  2004,1(2):83-89 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.39 M)]
Interpretation of the IGC logo
  2004,1(2):94 [Abstract]  [View PDF(541.76 K)]
Ceremony for the inaugural issuance of the Journal of Geriatric Cardiology
  2004,1(2):107 [Abstract]  [View PDF(652.45 K)]

Clinical Research

Nocturnal myocardial ischemic events and sleep-disordered breathing in patients with coronary artery disease
  Wenli ZHANG, Shiwen WANG , Caiyi LU, Peng LIU, Rui CHEN, Xian JI, Yusheng ZHAO
  2004,1(2):90-94 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.99 M)]
Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in adults in Khanh Hoa, Viet Nam
  Huy Van Tran,M. T. Truong and Thach Nguyen
  2004,1(2):95-100 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.19 M)]

Laboratory Research

Cardiomyocyte-like differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells after exposure to 5-azacytidine in vitro
  Feng CAO, Lili NIC, Ling MENG, Lianxu ZHAO, Dongmei Wang, Ming ZHENG, Cixian BAI, Xuetao PEI and Feng CAO, Guoliang JIA
  2004,1(2):101-107 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.78 M)]
Inhibition of angiotensin II and blockade of endothelin receptors reduce arterial calcification in rats
  Juxiang LI, Shengying WU, Bin GENG, Xiuhua LIU, Chaoshu TANG and Chunshui PAN, Yongfen QI, Xiuhua LIU
  2004,1(2):108-113 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.13 M)]
Genotype frequency of gelatinase B C-1562 T polymorphism in coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction
  Hong JIANG, Roger Marx, Thomas Scheffold, Rolf Michael Klein,Hong JIANG and Dieter Niederacher, Ming DU
  2004,1(2):114-118 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.75 M)]

Multiple Organ Diseases

TNF-a and plasma D(-)-lactate levels in rats after intestinal ischemia and reperfusion
  Yongming YAO, Ning DONG, Yan YU, Zhiyong SHENG,Ailan REN and Shengli DONG
  2004,1(2):119-124 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.08 M)]
Changes of arterial blood ketone body ratio following hypoperfusion in old and adult rats
  Ling YE, Wei CHEN and Shiwen WANG, Songtao YU
  2004,1(2):125-128 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.38 M)]